The Texas Aquaculture Association (TAA) is a member-based organization that provides a platform for education, collaboration, and advocacy for the aquaculture industry. Our members are involved directly or indirectly in the commercial production and sale of aquatic organisms, including shrimp, crawfish, oysters, catfish, redfish, tilapia, hybrid striped bass, baitfish, sport fish, ornamental fish, plants and algae. While primarily composed of producers, TAA membership also includes pond and lake managers, suppliers to the industry, researchers, educators, students, and those involved in regulating the industry. Working together, the membership enables TAA to be an effective grass-roots voice for the support of a successful and sustainable industry.


Mark Kubecka, President

Brian Brawner, Vice President

Brian Ray, Treasurer

Fritz Jaenike, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Brian Brawner

Jim Ekstrom

Chase Holub

Mike Robison

Granvil Treece

Fritz Jaenike

John Jones

Brandon Bowers

Hannah Kaplan

Nasir Kureshy

Shane Nicaud

Mark Kubecka

Brian Ray

Amanda Saha

Hall of Fame

H. J. “Red” Ewald

In acknowledgement of his pioneering spirit, outstanding leadership and generous support.

February 2002

Harrell Arms

In acknowledgement of his continuous mentoring of youth, generous support to TAA and to the aquaculture industry in Texas.

January 2011

Rob Schmid

‘Whose service to TAA and to Aquaculture inspires us daily.’

January 2015